Rosario Ortigao on Marriage, Family, Children

Rosario sees families (and/or organizations) as systems with internal as well as external dimensions. She guides them toward balanced management of both dimensions, often stressing the importance of participating in community projects as a group, such as feeding the hungry at the homeless shelter. Regular, scheduled communication meetings is a valued strengthening tool, which Rosario often stresses out.
Rosario adopts the view that marriage is sacred. In spite of life’s challenges and our mate’s differences, marriage is an opportunity to listen empathically and to honor each other’s needs by compromising in creative solution-focused ways.
She also often invites couples to consider marriage as a “business,” where the following needs to be maintained:

- Frequent, descriptive, honest, to-the-point, uninterrupted dialogue
- Up-to-date/revised goals and agreements
- Recognized strengths and weaknesses
- Clearly distributed tasks
- Presentable, courteous individuals
- Respected schedules, to include:
- Time to work and
- Time to relax and have fun
- Time for each other and
- Time for the individual self
- Frequent mutual affirmations

Rosario believes that children help us connect with our spontaneous, playful, simple child-within. They also challenge and motivate us toward accountability, discipline and consistency. Another win-win opportunity for maturing and unselfish giving.
Rosario is an animal lover. She and her family enjoy her dogs very much.
Regarding The Use of Medication
Rosario believes medication to be a helpful, sometimes necessary, tool in the treatment of mental health. Although she is unable to prescribe medications, Rosario works closely with several psychiatrists.
Alternative and natural medicines are often a recommended consideration, with great emphasis on appropriate nutrition and exercise. Rosario may defer and refer to those professionals who are able to support and complement specific treatment objectives.
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