Rosario Ortigao's Objectives

My objective is to empower you to be all that you can and want to be. Individual, couple, family or organization, my purpose is to support you in establishing and maintaining balance and attaining joy.

Sometimes, that means learning to accept the way things are... Voiding yourself of a nervous, urgent need to be what you are not, or controlling what you cannot. Other times, it means motivating you to move beyond procrastination, uncertainty, confusion, indecision or fear. And others, it means beginning a gentle healing journey through memories of pain and hurt to a new place of wholeness.

In spite of life’s “incidents” that may occur and even create dysfunctional patterns, it is my belief we are born good, capable, resilient and equipped with a compass within, naturally “magnetically” drawing us toward a better place. I utilize my compass to guide you, strengthen you and to celebrate our human joy with you.

Let's never forget to have fun!

Besides Brainspotting and EMDR, PBSP ( and Qigong ( are also two of my passions, which I enjoy sharing with my community. I welcome presentation invitations on either topic (and several others). 
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