Why end a relationship or waste your life away with unresolved traumas or problems that weigh you down and affect those around you?
Why drag therapy out when you can get six months or more of work in one packed weekend or a week, or two, if need be?
Intensives are for couples or individuals alone who want to get better now !

With an Intensive, you will:
1 – Gain a better understanding of your family history, potential patterns and predictable reasons why you have selected each other as mates/made the choices you have made
2 – Clarify your specific problems, wants and obtain pragmatic solutions
3 – Develop a specific plan that can be implemented immediately
4 – Learn and practice calming tools for the betterment of the individual, the relationship and the family
5 – Learn and practice specific communication rules and tools which will facilitate addressing most issues and reaching permanent solutions
6 – Utilizing power therapies, work through issues that have kept you stuck and finally resolve them
7 - Be reminded of your strengths and fall in love again (with your mate and/or life!)

I encourage you to select your healing in a time-effective process!
Rosario will use her clinical judgement to ameliorate immediate concerns, as well as tackle and help you neutralize unresolved past issues which may not be related to the relationship but may
be affecting it, nonetheless.

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