Rosario's Counseling Specialties

Rosario Ortigao is an experienced multicultural counselor, sensitive to the processes of acculturation, change, loss and spirituality, as well as the impact of natural foods in your overall health.

Anglo-saxon cultures value pragmatism, future planning, the individual. Latin cultures tend to place a value on the moment and the family. Rosario has been exposed equally to both. She brings to her counseling her passionate, energetic style, mixed with a professional, solution-focused frame of reference, tailored to your individual needs.

She engages her clients in the assessment and potential holistic restructuring of their lives, with a great emphasis on cognitive-behavioral patterns of functioning and inter-personal relations. This, in addition to Rosario's Energy Medicine ( exposure and spiritual background contribute to a systemic mind-body-spirit therapeutic approach.

Her work involves counseling one-on-one, teaching in a classroom setting, presentations for a variety of organizations, including Critical Incident Stress Debriefings when there has been a crisis or traumatic event.

Rosario Ortigao has been working with children since 1984. She began tutoring teens at age 15. Her private practice began in 1990. Her experience ranges from children through the elderly, including families with adolescents, as well as those with couples issues.

In her communication classes and couples coaching, Rosario emphasizes the importance of good listening: the tool for successful communication, healing and unselfish love. She teaches couples to #1 paraphrase and clarify, #2 empathize and #3 problem-solve.

More recently, she enjoys sharing her personal gains from Natural Foods eating and the impact on her own physical and mental health.

Other words that describe her practice:
Professional and yet warm and personable; supportive and yet challenging, as Rosario nudges clients to go as deep as they are ready to go, in order to access and resolve the root of their problems. Rosario’s respect for all individuals and enthusiasm make her easy to speak to. She creates a sense of comfort and safety.

Her practice is currently solely virtual; if you have never tried it, give it a go, before you make up your mind.  Once you are discussing your personal circumstances, you “forget” where you are and will appreciate having the convenience of not having to drive anywhere.  
If you feel safe and comfortable, you will achieve the same results as if in person.

Rosario’s practice meets HIPAA standards

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